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Hebrontimes.in – a dedicated website for spiritual resources – founded and managed by a volunteer group of Hebron Assembly believers, has decided to pitch in to help those who need financial assistance during this second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.
We have launched a portal on Hebrontimes.in known as “CoHope”, wherein we are uploading details of families from Bakht Singh assemblies across the country who need financial help.
All those good Samaritans who are looking for opportunities to contribute a part of their God-given wealth can login to our portal https://cohope.hebrontimes.in/ and see a list of these people who are in dire necessity of money.
You are at liberty to send your financial gift to any of the needy people in the list, as per Lord’s leading. Acts 11:27-29.



— https://cohope.hebrontimes.in/ is not a donation portal but a facilitating portal.
— We do not collect any funds.
— We just bring together the donors who can give financial support and the needy recipients on our portal with the hope and belief that together we can support each other as born-again believers and Bible following children of God.
— This facility/provision is only for Hebron Assemblies.

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